Now it’s November in Pisticci….fixing day

Decided to fill my day up with as many activities as possible. Safer that way. Especially when it starts at 3am.

Plenty of time to read in bed then, before getting up. And watched a few short David Hockney films on youtube for motivation.

Made porridge for breakfast. Feels like it should have a calm soothing effect.

It was cold, wet and windy outside.

First painting for fixing required a small person in a doorway. And some more detail in plants. 

Second one needed a few more shadows.  Had fun with purple and dark blue.

Third one was a small painting of a coffee pot which I had painted over as it was in the wrong place. Repainted it in better position.

Fourth one was needing cheered up . Not exactly  sure what I did to it. Added some more colours I think and some more contrast. Maybe  it is  better now…….

Then I squeezed all the oranges and grapefruits in the fridge which I have been meaning to do all week.

By then it was 10am. And I was really glad to chat to my daughter and remember the holiday we had gone on together a few years ago. She has refused to ever go on holiday with me again.

Some more art videos  on youtube….and finally it was lunch time.

After lunch I tried chilling with a book , but the book was way too exciting so not much  relaxing was done.

(  Music is now being broadcast from the church which is very pleasant…..though would be better if I could open the door. )

Came back down from the attic and decided to paint my desk and chair on my tablet. That went okay. I am learning something more every time.

And finally I watched  someone paint a portrait ( which I didn’t  like) and now it’s  wine time.

Tomorrow I have to be calm and relaxed and tell myself that it will most likely  be okay and no one knows what the future holds so it’s  very important not to waste time getting stressed.

But tomorrow I think the sun will be back….hurray!!!


Not sure this is finished yet……
Outside now….with bells and singing…

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