Now it’s November in Pisticci…. being muddle headed….

It’s not a “cute” trait when you are trying to sell your house and can’t find documents , send the wrong ones, leave out things you think aren’t relevant and then find they are …etc, etc.

I was actually comparing myself to boris johnson today ….not good with detail. ( not much else as far as I am aware.)

It is one of these times when I may look back and say “well , didn’t I learn a lot “……but more likely will be caught muttering, ” I am never ******* doing that again. ”

It is certainly true that ( in my case) stress makes me into a nit wit. I can’t concentrate, forget things , put things in the wrong place, and don’t make sense.

Except maybe when I write things down .

It’s all perfectly simple….I just need someone to hear me.

I am firmly convinced that to have a satisfactory life all I need to do is have an imaginary therapist at the end of a phone, who says …” you are so right…that is awful ( me, sighs with relief…am not an idiot for feeling bad) , then therapist says,” so what were you thinking about doing about it? ( I am clever enough to work out some ways of dealing with this. Yeah, deep down I knew that. ) Therapist…” so what were your ideas, I have time to listen. ( me, am feeling much better, I think I might do this first , in fact now that I have spoken to you and realised I am not stupid and have some ideas , I don’t know why I was so worried.)

So today after waking up at 4am again . I spent quite a lot of time looking for documents and scanning and emailing them. In between I wandered about the house looking for inspiration.

I danced to the ” Happy Song” as that is my rule whenever I hear it. The little cat was not impressed.

And I decided I might make a rag rug so I ordered a rug hook . I might need to buy some hessian ….but before that I’m going to see if I have anything else lying around that would do. I made a rag rug which was a picture of my house in Scotland about 20 years ago. I wrote an article about it and got paid £20.

Well, that was another day. Am not very happy about not having painted anything today, but I have a vague plan in mind for December so that will have to do.

Cheers 🍷🍷

At least the sun eventually came out…..
My favourite view.


  1. Hello Anne!
    Thomas told me the other day, that you had this pod. (is that the right word?)
    It is nice to read what you write. I feel that I accompany you for a little while.
    Hope you have nice Day. 😀

    • Hi. Its a blog.
      I have been writing it since we had to stay home because of the virus. I thought it would be nice to say how my day went as I was by myself. I sit down usually around 5pm and just write about stuff that happened as if someone was listening. It makes me feel good and am glad you enjoyed it. Hopefully we can meet again next year. X

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