Now it’s November in Pisticci….. on the way…..

After a dawn ( not really…. it was 8am) meeting It looks like finally my documents are in order.  That is a good feeling.

Plenty of things could still go wrong but , it is looking possible that by the end of next week my circumstances may be considerably easier……

My new year’s motto , which I have started using already is …” it might be alright”. As I noticed that my default position is ” it will all go horribly wrong” this is progress.

It has been another grey day. Quite cold, relatively speaking.

The other half of my house is now only good for passing through. There is no heating there. If I want to paint with çanvas and actual paint then I will bring everything through into the warm room. I am very ok with living in a small space. I sometimes dream that if I had to go back to Scotland I could buy an old static caravan somewhere scenic and be quite happy. ( might need to get my son to insulate it.)

I seem to be painting my way round my room using my tablet. Today I painted my fake painted dresser. It was nice to have a relatively simple subject. Have picked another angle for tomorrow.

Still have no particular project other than staying sensible.

There were 261 new cases of the virus in Basilicata. There are now about 30 in the Pisticci district.

I turned down the offer of coffee this morning as I am avoiding people on principle. I think I am staying as safe as possible so that my family don’t have me to worry about. And I don’t want to be one of the unlucky people who end up in hospital.

I am hoping that my social skills, such as they are, will return when this is over.

I’ve lit a candle tonight and it is cosy in here. Jazz playing and wine ready.


My fake painted dresser
Dreich….. or brutto …..or gloomy.

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