Now it’s November in Pisticci……good day for painting shoes..

I began after coming back from wine shopping.

I thought I should try washing the old black trainers I found in my other house first to see if any of the white paint would wash off.

No. No change. Then I tried a metal scrubbing thingy. Waste of time .

So I found a jar of black acrylic paint and a nice soft brush and painted all round the soles, and anywhere else there were white spots.  Deciding I would do this properly ( if painting trainers can be considered a proper thing to do)  I then found the remains of a tin of varnish in a plastic marge tub and varnished over the dried paint.

I have no ldea if this was a good idea or not…..but it only took about 20 minutes in all .

I will maybe test them out tomorrow when I plan to go shopping. Will be very embarrassed  if I were to leave a trail of footprints round the supermarket.  I didn’t  paint the soles so that shouldn’t  happen though…..I hope!

I was going to paint another view of my room , but shoes were more fun.

It has been a lovely  day. Warm enough to sit outside and read in the late morning. 

Just had to rush outside and check that the squeaking noise is actually a cricket outside my house. I thought at first it was my stove.

I once had a cricket in my house which sounded like a telephone ringing all night.

It’s been a long day since a 4.30am start.

There are 225 positive cases of the virus today in Basilicata. 178 people are in hospital and 22 in intensive care.

Staying home and painting my shoes seems quite a good idea really. Think I may patch my “sentimental ” jeans tomorrow.

Tonight I think more ” McCallum ” on youtube might be good followed by a little Graham Norton.

I have loved the sunshine today.


Reading in the sunshine.
Sunset tonight.

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