Now it’s November in Pisticci….up by the little church

After a day spent doing very little I thought what on earth am I going to put in this blog tonight.

Had 3 eggs for breakfast and felt sick .?

Went shopping and bought more sweet potatoes as am now a little bit addicted to sweet potato chips. Had to take glasses off and wander round in blurry haze again. ?

Patched my sentimental jeans with a patch cut out from the back pocket so that it would be the same colour. It’s not . It obviously never faded. Good thing they are only fit for working now. At least they are less draughty than before.?

Sat outside for a while writing on my phone and then used the 10 minute rule , which is I must write for 10 minutes and if after that I am stuck I can stop. Usually after ten minutes I am okay and carry on quite happily. ?

Watched a long pod cast where a guy talked about stress and depression with Janey Godley .?

Thought a lot about stuff………

Then thought some more …… and watched two episodes of ” spitting image” to cheer myself up.?

Found a video with George Harrison on youtube singing something called …”.All things must pass”. Not sure if it was depressing or hopeful ….? .

At which point I remembered something Janey Godley said about changing the energy.( and not wishing to sound like a lazy misery) .I grabbed my jacket and mask and patchy jeans and all and I headed off to photograph the sunset… only I was too early.

As a last resort I headed up to the little church behind my house. And there was Pisticci under the moon. It was beautiful.

I am finding life a bit hard ( like lots of people). I miss being around people. The people here are what makes Pisticci special. And it’s not the same just now ….

But as ” all things must pass” it won’t always be like this and in the meantime blue skies, views like this and the moon are still here to be enjoyed.

I hope I am listening…

Friday and wine time now.🍷🍷

Pisticci and the moon.
On the way back from shopping.

One comment

  1. Glorious place, incredible photos….just a note: wherever we are in the world right now…our life experience is altered forever. I just hope we are all learning that you are me and I am you….so treating others with the same regard, love and respect, as yourself…is where unity, hope and our future will reside in our new and hopefully more enlightened world. I’ll get off my box now. Just sayin’… Ciao Bella, Dianne

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