Now it’s November in Pisticci…..moving on…..

Today I brought all my bits and pieces back from my other little house. That included paint spattered trainers ( may be able to save…or decorate, other painty clothes which may become part of a rag rug, long handled paint brushes, a bag of bed linen , my old painting table ( James told me it was 300 years old??? ) And the easel I bought at an antiques market sort of by accident. ( long story) All the rest of the furniture is staying.

My plan is to go back on Tuesday and clean up a bit and then lock the door with the enormous key and that will be the end.

However as today , sadly , there have been a record number of new cases of the virus (328 …67 more than yesterday) who knows if we will be allowed out of doors by next week.

Bringing things back was enough to spur me on to rearrange a few things…such as finding a space for the painting table and easel. I like my little gallery . ( I like also the fact that there are about 30 bags of pellets hidden in it.)

There was a nice blue sky today so I kept the door open until lunch time.

Later on I found another view of my room. It took me about an hour and a half to finish .

It occurred to me that next spring I might be able to have a scooter again and could ride into the countryside and paint there. Hurray!!

In the meantime I’m quite happy painting my house. I like that I am painting a painting of things which are painted to look like they are real. Like the window in today’s work. There are a lot of “paintings” in that sentence…..🤔

Now have lit my candle and am considering sweet potato chips to eat tonight……


My fake window hiding the damp wall….which might not be damp any more
Spot the bags of pellets…..😀

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