Now it’s November in Pisticci……glad to be here…

I don’t know why I wrote that . Maybe it’s because I read that hope is a choice and I think I am glad to be here..

I was reminding myself that life will not always be like this and it would be a very good idea if I used this time constructively so that at the end of it I have some new skills.

I know what is wrong with me. I got very scared last week with all the things happening and with the virus added to the mix I had a little meltdown. Now I am scared of being scared. How dumb is that. ?

Anyways that is another day passed.

I think maybe I will have to treat this time like eating an elephant… little bite at a time.

There are so many nice things to do.

Like going for a walk up town . I have a jar full of euros so I can buy a coffee or something small in the chinese shop. On the way I am sure to meet people I know.

Or I could go up the pink brick road and then sit on the bench underneath the arches and enjoy the view over the town and right out to the sea.

Or I could draw more scenes in my house on my tablet because rain and lockdown can’t prevent that.

Or write long emails to friends or even whatsapp messages.

I could join a group on twitter and paint something every day. That would cheer me up.

I still have some empty walls in my house on which to paint more murals .

I could start a new series of paintings which might sell in the spring. I could plan an exhibition for the summer.

I used to be very good at thinking like ” my cup is half full” and focusing on what I have and not on what I don’t have. Better start practising that again.

Today that is proving a little difficult.

However tomorrow is another day …..oh drat it’s a Sunday……and the forecast is for rain all day.

But for now I am warm, got something nice to eat tonight, a good book to read and nice wine.

Painted this today.
Went for short walk round Dirupo ….

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