Now it’s November in Pisticci…..made a word thingy…

I can’t remember what it is called when you write down all the ideas however strange and outlandish that come into your head when you are thinking of a subject.

I remember doing it on various training courses over the years, though that involved a group , not just one person. A giant sheet of paper was usually involved and a big felt pen.

Today I thought that I should try that. It looks like my future could be changing and I don’t know what to do with myself. But I have lots and lots of ideas.

They range from move to Greece ( highly unlikely), write a best seller. ( equally unlikely) and take up acting……ha ha….. Seriously though the idea is to shake my brain a bit.

There was also , write a short story and sell it ( vaguely possible) try online dating.( no) , travel ( can’t yet…darn virus) do a yoga class online ( wouldn’t stick at it.)

Organise my photos ( possible, but too much work) prepare for exhibition in summer ( usually work best with short time limit.)

Sell images online ( possible) , edit diary thing in January ( possible) try painting my house in acrylics the same way I do on my tablet.( maybe….maybe not)

And on and on……….

I think I was hoping that if I loosened up I might have inadvertently come up with a new idea that might jolt me into doing something….

Inbetween all this I watched 4 episodes of Escape to the Country. Nice comfort Sunday viewing.

Started another tablet painting from upstairs looking down. Difficult , but wanted to see if I could do it.

Read quite a lot of yet another detective story from kindle unlimited. ( comfort reading.)

Checked my little house after the rain and wind last night. Despite the open window upstairs it was quite dry.

Then having done done minimal yoga and 30 stomach exercises I went for a ten minute walk where I got distracted by the sunset and views.

I can hear singing from the big church as I write this. There were fewer cases of the virus today.

Now I need to turn the stove back on and get another glass of wine. As Sundays go this was okay. 😊


I have painted this scene a few times. I think one version is in Canada.
This is looking up towards my house. That is the tree at end of my street.
A sort of sunset.

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  1. And there is OUR house right above your casa. sad , so sad not there, but you keep us posted with lots of news.

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