2021 in Pisticci ….3 year anniversary…

It was three years ago today that James died. Sometimes it seems like only a few months ago and sometimes I think he will arrive back here in normal grumpy mode , saying. ” Well, don’t look so surprised.” I still don’t know where his ashes eventually were sent. ( long and complicated story) but he would probably have enjoyed the mystery of it all.

What a lot has happened since then.

I lived in my little artist’s house for a year or so. Then I moved back to my original studio. I have painted hundreds of paintings. , started painting walls, written lots of words, learned how to do lots of things on my own, managed on very little money, sold my little house, got my document so I can stay here and am living through a pandemic for starters.

I often wonder what life would have been like if he was still here. We weren’t living together when he had the accident on his scooter but it seemed like we were connected by a piece of elastic and he was the first person I would phone if I was in trouble. We were still meeting up on Sundays for lunch at ” the esso” and often got invited out as a couple.

However now I just speak to his portrait when I need to. It’s a lot more polite than he was.

It’s been a quiet, but busy enough day. I have nearly finished the four dogs watercolour. I love it.

There wasn’t enough time to do more work on the big local scene. I considered painting the sky but I would rather start fresh.

Then I got another 2 small portrait commissions for Valentine’s day which I think I had better start tomorrow.

Tomorrow was the day I had decided to go to the comune and sort some things out. I decided to postpone my visit till later in the week.( I am good at postponing visits to the comune.) Then I read online that it will be closed for cleaning because someone who works there has the virus. So I can’t go anyways.

Now it’s wine time. The stove is burning away in the corner. Am sorry James isn’t here . He’d have enjoyed wearing a mask . He did always want to be a bandit.

Cheers. 🍷🍷

The best portrait I ever did of him which he never saw.
On the beach at his 70th birthday party.

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