2021 in Pisticci……all new stuff…

It seems as if everything I am painting is something new and different right now. Starting with the mural and all the animals and then more animals, but with watercolour. Then yesterday I agreed to do some watercolour portraits without really thinking about it. I have only ever painted one portrait with watercolours.

And now I have a sketch to do for another large piece of work.

Am very busy this week

Though I did manage to pop out for some extra wine…..incase I am snowed in next week. It could happen…..though at least I have boots now and don’t have to slide about in trainers with plastic bags inside them. I think the snow is creeping down our way from the north of Europe. It looks like it’s good sledging weather in Scotland today judging by the photos I have been sent.

I probably won’t go to the commune till next week now. As long as I go before the end of February it should be okay.. It usually takes me about 3 weeks of procrastinating before I get there.

Now it’s wine time again……….🍷🍷

On the way home. ….have painted this scene at least 5 times….but never in the dark🤔
We are in the newspaper…..

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