2021 in Pisticci…. busy day again…..

I’ve been getting up for about 6.30am. I had quite a lot to do today as I have work I want finished for tomorrow and of course am preparing for snow at the weekend.

Both of my thickest jumpers were needing washed and today looked like the best day for washing. Obviously I need my thickest clothes to survive the snow and minus degrees for the following few days . It is a big deal here when it snows.

When I removed the wooden panel across the fireplace to access the washing machine I noticed that on the back of it was painted a stove with a blazing fire. Before I had the real thing that painting used to make me laugh. ( I am considering painting a pile of money to see if that will come to life as well….🤔)

It looked like everyone who lives up my end of the street had washing out so it was safe to assume it would dry.

After that I painted the first watercolour portrait.

I decided to go out to the supermarket before I started the other one. Today my home made mask worked and my glasses didn’t steam up at all. I wonder if part of the problem has been humid weather.

After lunch I got to work on the second portrait. When I got fed up with it.( It is nearly done) I went outside and did a bit weeding. It really was a nice day. I also cut my ivy plant out of the pot it was stuck in and put it in a bigger one. Will see if it survives.

Next I had to make a colour sketch for a possible next mural from some ideas I was given. That was fun.

In between that I sent the client a photo of the 4 dogs and she likes it. Hurray!!.

Now it feels like well deserved wine time. 🍷🍷

4 little dogs……..
Washing day in via custoza.

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