2021 in Pisticci….banking, painting and cakes…..

And now it’s very cold outside. Snow is forecast and all sorts of dire warnings are being given about how to cope. I think it is only for one day…..but I could be wrong. It makes a change from.virus warnings.

I watched a short video on twitter this morning including people enjoying themselves at a barbecue, not wearing masks and standing close to each other . It was in New Zealand where its OK to do that. I was so envious.

I think I am fortunate to be in this part of Italy. I am warm and have enough to eat and even quite a lot of work to do….but the loneliness gets to me sometimes. Living on my own was ok before this .I was getting used to it and there are a lot of good things about living by myself. I would even say that I am becoming ” set in my ways” because I like my “ways”.

However its the physical distancing that I am beginning to notice more and more. I have this dream that when this is “over ” I will hug everyone…all the time… every day… ( and I never was a huggy person.)

Apart from that today was nicely busy . I finally checked my bank account. It has only taken me from Monday to get round to it. Then I took money out of my Italian bank so that I can pay the kind friend who bought me my stove on the understanding that I would pay for it when I sold my house.

I bought paper for the printer, more wine….incase the snow lasts and…stuff…., spoke to a few friends in passing and enjoyed being able to see them as my mask didn’t steam up…so much.

I finished my 2 commissions for Valentines day with a few changes. Then started another small piece of work.

Now I have another 2 commissions and a tray of cakes. And the large painting of Pisticci is still waiting. I will need to work on it over the weekend.

When I popped my head out of the door earlier it felt even colder. I am just a “wee bit ” excited about snow……

Hoping the internet holds out over the weekend and I can enjoy more of the no. 1 Ladies Detective Agency.

Wine time now. Cheers. 🍷🍷

Yummm…….a gift of cakes

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