2021 in Pisticci…. looks like snow has been postponed..

It’s not as if I was desperate for snow, just that I liked the thought of myself cosily painting away inside while big white flakes whirled around outside. All is not lost however as now it looks like it is to snow overnight and part of tomorrow when there will also be strong winds.

And of course it will be Valentines day. I remember my first Valentines day after James died. I was still in the north of Italy staying with friends. After wandering round the streets in Reggio Emilia I found my favourite shop. The Tiger shop. There were lots of romantic things for sale and I bought a box of chocolate hearts filled with Turkish delight. Then I ate most of them while walking back to my friends’ house. However when I got to the last one I decided I needed to keep it as a memento. I still have the box. I couldn’t throw it out. I ate the last heart 2 years afterwards. It wasn’t very nice.

I forgot to do anything special for this year….was too busy making valentine paintings for other people

There were 9 new cases of the virus in the Pisticci area today. It’s not clear whether they are in Pisticci or nearby. I had been getting a bit relaxed about the virus ……

It seems that Italy has a new government . I ‘ve no idea what means. Hopefully it isn’t a bad thing.

I suppose it all means that each day is important as everything is always changing. It seems the safest way to live life right now.

Today I spent most of the day painting Pisticci. It is a fairly detailed painting and could get a bit boring so am trying to think of ways to jazz it up a bit … I enjoyed listening to an audio book while painting…except that it was a sort of American spy thriller which years ago I would have assumed was pure fantasy, but not now. It did keep me going though….one house, 2 houses…78 houses, a church, 500 windows etc etc…

Am hoping that tomorrow it will miraculously be easier…….🎨

Now it’s wine time again and something interesting on youtube hopefully. Today I found a programme about Botswana with the author of the No1 ladies detective agency. It was a lovely way to spent a lunch hour…or two.

Still no snow falling…….


It’s cold outside.
Warm inside……..

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