2021 in Pisticci ….I saw snowflakes  briefly…..

This morning I went to open the shutters in the other part of my house and there outside the door was one of my plastic chairs which had obviously been blown up the street  in the middle of the night. I heard  some very strong , gusts of wind in the night and some loud noises , but was much too cold to go and investigate.

And there were some snowflakes in the air.I had to look twice ,but they were definitely there. An hour later the sky was blue and that was the extent of the snow today.

I had planned to carry on painting little houses and with the help of another audiobook I worked until lunchtime.

Another hours work after lunch and it is more or less done. I still haven’t worked out how to paint detail, but not everything. Sometimes the result looks like toytown ,but today I think it has worked out okay. Pretty much every building in the photo is in the painting.

This week I could start another 2 commissions ,but I have a lot of administrative things to do including posting a painting abroad. Also I am getting behind with editing my diary. I want to buy more paint and canvases as well. I should probably go to the comune. Maybe…….

I decided to make oat sconey biscuit things to go with my homemade peanut butter. It was a bit of an experiment and I forgot to add salt….but they are edible.

It’s cold tonight.

There seem to be a lot of people on my Facebook page who are sad about the change of government in Italy. Along with Trump not being found guilty , the in fighting and attacks ( potentially) on the SNP and the usual tragedy of covid plus brexit in the UK it would probably have been better to stay off the Internet.

However as far as Sundays go it was satisfactory. I got through a lot of work this week.

Now for some nice escapist youtube and some mind altering wine.

The sconey biscuity oat things. I tried half of one.
Pisticci…..I have painted this view several times.
No snow but very cold.

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