2021 in Pisticci….nearly a year…..

I remember  when I began to write on this blog every day.

It already existed and every now and again I wrote something ,but this time my plan was to write something every day for the 2 weeks that Italy was going to be in lockdown.( ha ha!!!!) I wasn’t  sure how I would manage all on my own , staying home and only going out when absolutely necessary. Until then I felt that 3 days staying home by myself was my limit.

So having someone somewhere to tell about my day could be helpful.

It gradually evolved into the same time every day. And a glass of wine was added. After all sitting there telling someone about life alone should be a pleasant relaxing time.

It was actually 56 days of complete lockdown before it gradually eased a bit. I never expected to still be writing or staying home ( more or less) after nearly a year…..and with no particular end in sight.

It’s  become a nice routine now. I switch on my nice white standard lamp, turn on the christmas lights on the mantlepiece , light the candle, get a glass of wine, put my feet up on the chest, find the blue plastic feather shaped stylus and then look at my photos for that day as I think a minimum of 2 is necessary  to make it look interesting .

I normally don’t  know what I am going to write until I start.

It seems to work best when I begin with the first thing that comes into my head.

Today I was tired and didn’t  do much.

Sometimes I get to late afternoon and think I’d better do something to talk/write about.

Today was a bit like that.

The highlight of today was getting out the stove instruction book and pressing buttons to make it slow down and not get so hot.

Other than that I read a lot, went on a virtual walk to a secluded beach near Positano, made peanut butter, moved 9 sacks of pellets into the cupboard and sat outside briefly twice,( it’s  still cold even though it looks lovely.) And I watched part of a series called” Life in Squares “which is about Vanessa Bell and Virginia Woolf. My room here was originally inspired by Virginia Woolf’s green room . And I always liked the idea of a house decorated with paintings on the walls and doors etc.

My” green room “

Tomorrow I have work to do and having a relaxing day was probably good, even if it wasn’t  my intention.

So am half way through my glass of wine🍷 and it’s  been nice  talking……one of the advantages of writing is to be able to get to the end without being interrupted.  😀😀


Did this purely to have something to post when I didn’t know what I would write
It looks lovely ,but after 5 minutes it gets cold.

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