2021 in Pisticci….more digital flowers…

Drawing my square pot containing  geraniums…or pelargoniums and other flowers, whose name I have forgotten , was one of the highlights of my day.

( think they might be carnations)

It is a different experience drawing on a screen. I love it. The colours are wonderful. It is impossible to be too nit picking and to work from life though not to be completely realistic is liberating and exciting.

So is dodging water dripping from washing upstairs.

I think I’ve learned a lot while using a tablet. It’s  very confidence building as its  necessary  to be confident with shapes and colours and just go for it.

I love the design aspect of today’s  flowers. Even as an abstract it works.

My  portrait commission  on the other hand is very different. Lots of nit picking , but as it’s  a very good photo it makes it a pleasure to do. So far it is coming along nicely.

This will be the last week of February so  I should try to get to the comune one day. ( yes, really!)

I have some interesting  work planned , but I think I might do some digital drawing as often as possible as it should help with serotonin and dopamine levels. ( but mostly because it makes my soul happy)

Been a very pleasant Sunday…..


I always wanted to paint like this….
Am quite glad this cat is on the other side of the fence.

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