2021 in Pisticci….found some very old work….

It has been a busy day again.

Most of the morning was spent finishing off my latest portrait commission. I am pleased with it. But I might keep it for a day or two until I show it to the client.

Then I made a new 120x80cm stretcher using much thicker wood than normal as it was so much bigger than ones I normally make. I was hoping I would be able to saw the wood. My sawing arm has not had very much practice.

But I did it. I glued it this time as well as stapled it. I am most pleased with the fact that I raised it slightly off the floor when I left the glue to set so that it will not now be glued to the floor.

Little things like that make me very happy.

I have been doing some extra work recently and when I was looking for something I found an old book I had made full of fashion drawings when I was about 14 years old. The drawing is rubbish, but I certainly had lots of ideas. I think there were about 50 pages of designs. And I gave them ” catchy ” titles like ” cool elegance” and ” mixter maxter mood”.

It made me laugh and…wow….I can see considerable improvement in my drawing.

Now I am tired. I’ve spent the last two and a half hours drawing something that is not my normal style.

And I want a glass of wine and something to eat……🍷🍷

Fashion from the 60s I think , designed by me.
Notice the title with appropriate drawing..🤣
Todays happy new flower

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