2021 in Pisticci…..gradually good news is returning….

Only little bits, it’s true, but today someone else I know has heard that they will be getting the vaccine. HURRAY!

I still read news on twitter and can’t believe that it is possible to get away with so much lying etc , but even there the Good Law Project is fighting back.

But maybe it’s just that the days are getting longer , the sun is shining and I can sit outside again , however briefly, and soon I can meet friends out there for coffee.

It feels a little like waking up after hibernating.

Today after reading about the importance of fresh air I climbed up on the table and took out the ” winter nails” which were keeping the window above my door shut. I have just looked up and noticed that it is still open.

I didn’t have the stove on until about 5pm. Though that was because I mostly did moving about jobs today and wore a big heavy checked shirt over my clothes. It would fit a giant! Goodness knows what the postman thinks when I answer the door with furry hat as well.

Starting the day with a digital painting is good. This morning I took my coffee outside along with my tablet. I’ve no desire to do detailed digital paintings but I love the way quick sketches turn out.

My stretcher which I made yesterday was ready to put canvas on ,but I thought that I should sandpaper the corners so went out and bought some. Today’s bit of exercise sorted.

The canvas I use is quite thick and not stretchy. I pull it as tight as possible , but sometimes there are some looser bits so I fixed them with boiling water and a hairdryer. ( saw how to do it on youtube.)

I’ve now completed one commission and have 4 more started. It’s nice to be busy.

Wine time again…..🍷🍷


Canvas stretched…but before I fixed it .
Took about 20 mins to do this today.
Saw this beautiful shadow on way to buy sandpaper.

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