2021 in Pisticci….bits and pieces…..

It feels like I’ve had a very busy day.

I managed day 2 of early starts and quite enjoyed editing. I like sitting at the table at the window . It makes me feel very ” writerly “.

It is really helping ,doing my own stuff in the morning before I start work for other people.

Today I went as far as moving the lamp so that I could draw my big “window”. I have given myself another little job in the process. I need to paint the bottom of the wall which was hidden by the lamp. But I like the view now. And I loved painting it this morning.

So much so that I didn’t get on with paid work until after 10am.

The painting of the olive tree is finished. The next portrait is ready to paint. The big canvas has an undercoat and is fully drawn and the complicated portrait is looking better.

I didn’t feel like starting anything seriously so I started everything a little bit. I told myself that it’s all progress.

Now I have another 2 small commissions. It’s great that people just drop by . I am really lucky to live here and have this job.

The number of cases of the virus in Basilicata are still rising so staying home and working is the best thing for me to do.

Now it’s wine time. It’s been a productive and satisfactory day.


Lamp in corner now so I can see the window better.
I loved painting this……..

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