2021 in Pisticci….oh dear, Basilicata may become an orange or even red zone…..

This morning when I was editing my diary from last year I could see that it’s nearly a year since we were told to stay at home.

It has been quite some year . We were very lucky to have escaped relatively lightly, though people have died. It’s  a bit worrying that we could be in danger of becoming orange ( like Christmas) ,but even more worrying if we  were considered  bad enough to become a red zone. I didn’t  expect to need my “permission to be out “form again so I may need to check what is the up to date one and print out another.

I need to pay my Internet bill so tomorrow I think I will do that and go shopping again for anything I may need over the next week or two. I remember feeling that I was over reacting when I did this a year ago. But it was comforting to feel that I didn’t  have to go out.

Maybe I will order more pellets now.

I have lots of work to do and lots more I could do if I had to stay home more….thought be honest apart from when I was mural painting I have been home a lot.

I was starting to relax though and thinking that things were getting better.

Today I went to the farmacia, checked out the  commune (.Still appointment only) put more money on my phone, bought wine and did some shopping.

This was before I heard the news.

Today I’ve  been working on 2 portraits. One whose face is approx 4cms long and the other whose eyes are approx 4cms wide. I measured  them out of curiosity.  My plan for the weekend is to work on both of them . That should keep me occupied.

After moving the lamp so that I could see my” window ” better , the wall behind  looked a bit sad so I painted it green this afternoon and while I was at it I painted the floor in that corner terracotta. It looks much neater. I am very  lucky not to live in a smart new house where I would not like to spoil anything. My house is virtually turning into a work of art in which I live. 

I think I am a little worried tonight.

However it is wine time and someone has just dropped in and approved of one of my recent commissions. As I have several paintings in various stages of completion it must look as if I am very busy.

I still can’t  believe I do this as a job.


Its now green behind the chair. The whole wall down from the red pelmet is painted on a big white sheet nailed to wooden planks. The wall behind was damp and crumbling.
View tonight.

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