2021 in Pisticci….pansies and painting….

It was very exciting to go and buy pansies today. Since my days of not buying anything unless it was completely necessary , and flowers were not a necessity, I have been very careful, so it felt like a real luxury today spending a whole €10 on 4 pansy plants and a sweet William…(there were only 4 pansies left. )

I love sweet Williams. They remind me of my auntie ‘s garden where she grew lots of them. They were such beautiful colours. But not too big and important. Sort of shy , in the background ,but lovely when you really looked.

I was supposed to be painting all day today and I did start at 8am. But I was so excited about having new plants that I took a couple of hours off to plant them, rearrange my pots , sweep up all the accumulated leaves and rubbish from the last year and pull out the pretty yellow weeds. ( they were destroying the road by making the concrete crack.)

My plants look very tidy now, though still not very colourful.

The 2 paintings are more or less finished . I ‘ll look them over tomorrow and then start the next 2.

Being a red zone tomorrow I should be at home and am not expecting any visitors. Am not absolutely sure what the rules are on visitors, but I don’t think art galleries …or even little rooms full of paintings in one’s house could be considered essential. Though I did read, I think , that book shops and music shops were considered essential in France.

It feels good to have my garden tidy . I am assuming that we will be a red zone for at least 2 weeks . Am glad the flowers are starting to bloom. That’ll be nice. I enjoyed being outside last year at this time.

Right now I am enjoying being inside with the stove burning and a glass of wine.

For a Sunday , it’s been quite a nice day. 🍷🍷

Pansies at my door……..

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