2021 in Pisticci….14 new cases of the virus today.

That is the most in one day in Pisticci since the start of this pandemic. Being in a red zone is making more sense now. There was only 1 case yesterday.

So I expect we will still be red next week.

It has been quite a week.

Last night…in the middle of the night I wrote a list of things I can still do on a minimal income. It was quite cheering.

I could buy a scooter if I really ,really wanted to and then paint lots of flowery local landscapes using it which would pay for it. ( not sure about that…)

I could look through my wardrobe and adjust some clothes so I have some new things to wear. ( maybe)

I could get the beach bus to the beach if it is running this year.

I could make a recliner for myself and lie out in the street in the sunshine.

I could save up for occasional trips. Trains are not so expensive and there are cheap Airbnbs.

Could have fun putting more images on Redbubble and fineartamerica.com .

Watch travel documentaries.

Learn how to use my barbecue.

Look for interesting cheap recipes for the weekends.

Grow herbs again

Look for ways to be generous.

Find walks near or in Pisticci to see flowers and feel in the countryside.

Not a bad list for the middle of the night.

However I think that given the current circumstances I will mostly be working and staying home.

Tomorrow should see the end of this week’s commissions and I’m hoping to have time to do something digital . I got up before 6am this morning to get on with work and I didn’t stop till nearly 5pm. ( apart from a phonecall)

I was hoping to have finished, but am nearly done.

There is a lot to think about…..or on the other hand I think I might postpone thinking for a few weeks …or months. There is plenty of work to be getting on with……

And there is always wine and sunshine even in a red zone.


Think the wheels are about done…….
This morning. Was beautiful……again.

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