2021 in Pisticci…..a successful trip to the supermarket…..

I hadn’t thought that a trip to the supermarket could be such a big deal.

Firstly as we are still in a red zone I need a document saying what I am doing out. I could get fined if I didn’t have one.

Remembered to put that in my pocket. Then I remembered my shopping list .

I had carefully decided that I would go in the afternoon when It was quiet.

And I was going to try wearing 2 masks.

It was lovely to be out. I haven’t been any further than my street all week and as it looks like being a red zone again next week that will have been my big adventure.

There was hardly anyone about.

My glasses didn’t steam up even in the supermarket. That was great. Wearing 2 masks does make breathing a little more awkward, but not too bad.

On the way there I was thinking about security. Not so much in relation to the virus though that does come into it. It was more about never getting a pension. I suppose in a few years time if I have no work and my house money has run out I might be eligible for some sort of allowance. I would prefer to believe that by then I will be earning a bit more by myself. A pension felt different .As if it was a right when you reached a certain age.

I had already considered that if I had a pension I would not need to worry about money. However it wouldn’t change everything. It wouldn’t mean I wouldn’t get ill or nothing bad would ever happen.

Maybe “security” is feeling that you can probably cope somehow with most things. Or knowing that bad (as well as good) things happen and might not last.

I am laughing at myself for being so hesitant , but as my motto is ” I might be right” then it fits.

I was pleased to work all this out on my shopping trip.

Yesterday when I was writing about things I could do with not much money, ” be generous” was on the list.. I let a man go in front of me at the supermarket as he only had 2 items and that made me feel good. It wasn’t anything special ,but I felt generous and liked it.

My rucksack was quite full and weighed a fair bit ,but I marched up the hill feeling relatively fit.

When I got home I discovered that I had bought more potatoes than I needed so have added some to a lentil and vegetable curry I made and now it will do 4 days.

It felt like I had achieved quite a lot in one little trip.

The girl at the till in the supermarket is wearing a visor as well as a mask. There were more cases of the virus in the Pisticci area today and I think one case in a supermarket .

Now it’s wine time and I’m going to look for something interesting on you tube to entertain me and hopefully have a fun Saturday evening in a red zone.

Looks like rain coming……
Tomorrow I might paint these on my tablet.

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