2021 in Pisticci… dreaming and chocolate cake…

Am not sure if the two things were connected ,but it felt as if I spent most of last night dreaming that I was trying to get the mural finished , but I had run out of paint, or the paint wouldn’t stick and various other problems. I was exhausted by this morning.

I haven’t eaten any chocolate cake today….just incase .

My water heater is taking longer and longer to heat the water. I only use it once or twice a week and rarely in the summer. ( It’s quicker and I assume cheaper to boil the kettle on the stove and in the summer the water is lukewarm all the time.)

It was hair dyeing day using the vivid purpley red gel and I was very careful to wear gloves this time as it is wickedly powerful stuff. Last time I spent the whole day with bright red fingers. It looks just like some kind of delicious fruity jam.

Now my hair has vaguely purple highlights which I quite like ….and anyways nobody sees me so it doesn’t really matter.

I thought I’d have breakfast outside again and got a lovely surprise as there was a sea of fog in the valley. It was beautiful.

I tried to do things today, but I felt half asleep a lot of the time.

I did tidy up my paintbrushes and palette and brushed all the floors.

Am still no further forward with ideas for my 6 canvases.

I spent about an hour drawing on my doorstep on my tablet, but I was a bit distracted.

I think I read on Facebook that a saint in Pisticci scalo was seen in tears. There are photos. Curious!!

After about 6 videos from Nickipositano on youtube it is finally wine time.

Cheers 🍷🍷

Half hearted sketch…but at least I tried.
The tearful saint
View this morning. I strongly dislike that fence. It is there to stop people throwing rubbish down the hill.

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