2021 in Pisticci..a rose, a surprise Easter egg and home made pasta….

And still 6 empty canvases. I did get as far as putting paint on my palette and picking some wildflowers and I even found a new audiobook to listen to , but when I sat down at the table I had zero enthusiasm . I am still looking for a subject that interests me.

However I did do some art work today. Because it had a purpose. It seemed a good idea to make an Easter card . I thought a flower would be a suitable subject and not too time consuming. I only had one rose blooming ,but it was hidden behind leaves so I have immortalised an impression of it using my tablet. It was fun to do even if I am not very good at painting flowers.

I had just finished that when there was a knock at my door and there was a kind person with a chocolate Easter egg for me. ( from the family who have employed me to paint the mural) . I was very happy!

Especially this year ,little things mean a lot.

It was a bit dull and cold outside and I surprised myself by deciding to make home made wholemeal pasta for lunch

The best thing I can say about that experience was that it was quite good fun to do and it could have been very delicious.

But it wasn’t. It was very horrible. The pasta tasted soggy and half cooked, and the cheese I grated on top ( it was pasta al forno) was perhaps a little old and gave it a flavour of stinky trainers.

I crept out and deposited it in a double thickness bag in the organic bin. Am sure that the little cat would have been offended if I had offered it to her.

It did confirm that my normal food is actually quite nice and there is no need to attempt to improve on it. Soaking lentils for tomorrow.

Altogether a satisfactory day.

Wine time now. 🍷🍷cheers…….

Happy ,with an Easter egg….
My impression of my rose.
Before it all went wrong. This was the fun part.

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