2021 in Pisticci… lots of little white houses.

This morning I woke up at 3am with a clear idea of how to finish off the mural. I even drew it in my diary incase by “proper” morning I had forgotten.

But I didn’t paint it today because I was too busy painting little white houses.

It is a strange thing, to paint a mural, by myself. I look at it and like it ,but at the same time I wonder how did I learn to paint like that. It’s not quite like my normal style . Its quite illustrative. I’m proud of the way it is put together as a lot of it is only very loosely based on reality. I am really looking forward to seeing it finished.

It was hard work this morning as trying to paint straight lines on a corrugated surface is not easy. It was also just at the height where I had to bend my knees to to be at the right angle . Mural painting is a whole new experience.

It’s very windy now. I’ve been shopping as I’m trying to get fitter and that makes 20 mins walking, 10 of which carrying a heavy rucksack.

The nice girl in the supermarket asked if I was hot. I hope it was not because , a. The very strong red hairdye is creeping onto the sides of my face and making me look a little pink. Or, b. I really am eating too many carrots and turning orange.

However am home now with the stove on as it is colder again today.

It would be nice not to wake up at 3am again.

I am hoping to find another ” Miss marple” on youtube and will try to stay awake till at least 9pm thereby giving myself a better chance of not waking early.

Cheers 🍷🍷

My windy street
Part of the mural….still a work in progress.

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