2021 in Pisticci….oh dear..the cat food is floating…

What a dismal day it has been since about 10am. Before that it was cold but dry and I sat on the doorstep with a jacket on and enjoyed my surroundings.

My pansies seem to have some new life after looking disappointedly battered last week. My lavender looks lovely, and what is even better is that out of 5 bits that I broke off and stuck in a pot, 3 are growing. There are a lot of rose buds and several geranium/ pelargoniums are nearly ready to flower.

I haven’t sat and looked and listened for a while. One of the little black and white noisy birds was in the tree at the end of the street. It appeared to be knocking on wood. A friend said it might have been searching for insects. It was making a lot of noise, whatever it was doing.

The little cat reminded me to feed it later by jumping up at the door. It’s brave enough to do that ,but still won’t let me touch it.

Then it has drizzled all day and the north wind is back.

I had a vague idea of going up town for exercise ,but as usual my plan for exercise , was so vague it became non existent.

I spent a pleasant hour on whatsapp with a friend and we wondered if we would even be able to go visit our families this year. Sad.

I have been looking at more David Hockney stuff and trying to come up with a plan for my new canvases. It’s a struggle between what I would like to paint and needing to sell work.

Have a vague idea of trying to do a small series on spring in the calanche. I could walk there I think. There used to be a track. Only it would fun to do on my tablet and not so much fun to carry paints etc there.

The calanche is my favourite part of the mural so far.

Hopefully the weather will be back to mural painting normal tomorrow.

I made an effort to come up with some other ideas for my canvases….even bringing them through beside me as if that would help. But nothing happened except I discovered that my tablet works better with OPERA. That was something I suppose.

I keep looking out the window to see if the weather has improved which was when I noticed that the cat food was floating in rainwater in the dish.

Still, there were no further cases of the virus in Pisticci today and summer is coming……just not today.

Cheers 🍷🍷

Quick tablet sketch of my pansies in blue pot.
Floating cat food
My 3 new lavenders and other assorted freebies.

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