2021in Pisticci…something to look forward to…..

I thought that Easter Monday should be a good day to make a little change. Am not sure exactly what change that could be ,but it has been vaguely bothering me recently that there seems to be nothing to look forward to any more. It’s not that there are not lots of nice things happening and each day there is always something to be glad about. ( just like Pollyanna!) ,but when I see other people changing their lives and making plans I feel a little wistful.

I think I understand that no one is completely in control of their life , but mine feels like swinging on the end of a cobweb. Which is quite exciting if you like that kind of thing , but not really conducive to making plans.

And in in my my mind , making plans equates with assuming that there will be a future.

And enough introspection for today.

I have half heartedly painted 3 pansies on a small canvas. I sat on the doorstep and painted them from life. However this doesn’t mean that I like the result. It was more of a ….better do something effort!!!

I also used up my last leftover thick piece of wood which was split in places. Now I have 2 more square stretched canvases.

I thought that if I reclassified some of them as ” for commercial “painting then I only have 2 small ones to use up for myself.

That makes 5 canvases to.paint on and sell which cost virtually nothing.

And it really is therapeutic, sawing and stapling.

After having ruined one of my good brushes I finally found an Italian art supplier where I’ve registered and ordered a new similar brush. I am assuming , because of what I have read on the internet and heard from friends that there is no point in ordering anything from the UK. It will be good to have somewhere I can get the things not available locally. I used to buy art supplies from UK companies because I was familiar with what they sold.

Tomorrow I should be back working on the mural. Hopefully it will be finished by the weekend. I ‘m looking forward to seeing it finished. It has been an adventure so far.

Now it’s wine time….and maybe more Miss Marple.


My not very inspired pansies.
5 virtually free canvases.

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