2021 in Pisticci…my big fright!!!!

Today I thought in the spirit of getting exercise that I would go the bank and also buy wine.

Only when I got to the bank it wasn’t there! It was all shut up with notices in Italian on the door and on the cash machine.

For more than one horrible minute I thought it might have gone bust and all my house sale money was gone.

That thought was closely followed by maybe it had moved to another town. Almost as bad an outcome as with no transport and infrequent buses, going to the bank could take nearly all day.

Luckily a nice man shouted over to me and told me it had moved round the corner.


It was very busy with a big long queue so I didn’t stop, but I am not happy. It’s not a nice feeling to have one’s complete wealth somewhere which can just move any time it likes.

No wonder people hide their money under a mattress.

I have been tottering along dealing with never ever getting a pension and having to work for ever ,( like 80% of the world!) and feeling glad that at least there was my house money in the bank , but that was a horrible scary feeling this morning.

It didn’t help either that the wine shop was closed for some unknown reason.

At least I got some exercise.

After having 23 different reference photos to chose from to paint I decided to paint from the photo I took this morning of the view from the end of my street. Not only that, but I thought I would do a square version and a long narrow version.

So I did. Along with listening to the latest “rebus” audiobook. It took me most of today, but I am relatively pleased with the result.

Tonight I am drinking supermarket wine and persuading myself that it’s not that bad. ( I hope the wine shop is open tomorrow.)

Cheers 🍷🍷

2 versions of the same view.
Found an old canvas I had painted over and an off cut.

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