2021 in Pisticci….bit of this’n’that…..

Got up.this morning all enthusiastic about what I was going to paint today.

Somehow I found myself tidying out my gallery and cleaning the shower room floor. How did that happen?

It was about lunch time when I finally drew up my next painting. I then spent all afternoon working on it.

And I don’t like it.

I think I can save it ,but the best I can say about it now is that it is er….colourful.

However I have another portrait commission so tomorrow I’ll need to work on that all day.

Didn’t manage to go out for a walk today ,but I was quite energetic when I tidied out the gallery. It looks much more cheerful . I am expecting to have some people drop in so it did need doing.

I have moved “Auntie Bessie” through into my living room. I think she looks quite at home here. She was in my grandmother’s house in Scotland and would never have expected to be in the South of Italy. I don’t have many things from my old family home, but am glad I have her.

Am late tonight as I was drawing the portrait ready to paint tomorrow…..and trying to fix the other painting.


Auntie Bessie
Nice tidy gallery

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