2021 in Pisticci….painting sunshine while it rains

That is what I have been doing all day.

I started before 8am this morning and just kept going.

The first thing I saw on yesterday’s work was a great big shadow that I hadn’t noticed while I was busy trying to paint lots of details and after that things went a lot better. However much I want to finish something the same day …..it is always better to look again the next day and see what I missed.

By 11am I was finished yesterday’s painting and ready to begin the next one. After all it was raining and there was nothing else to do.

I cleaned up yesterday and am still feeling good about that. I am not a very good cleaner so when I finally do something I’m inordinately pleased with myself.

I was listening to a Harry Bosch audiobook. What a plank he is! I just don’t get detectives like him. But it kept me going until about 5pm when after 4 false finishes…..kept bringing painting back after I had laid it away and adjusting things.

Probably I will see something else to fix tomorrow.

I have been admiring the new patch on my jeans all day. They are a little bit sentimental and now they will last a bit longer.

It hasn’t felt like a Friday. But then when was the last time a weekend made a difference..

Was a good day’s work.

Wine time now . 🍷🍷

Final, final version…maybe
Not quite final version, but you can see the sunshine.

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