2021 in Pisticci..blue skies finally back……

But it was miserable most of today and I have painted since about 8am.

First I finished yesterday’s painting and then I drew a new complicated one because the one I was going to paint today didn’t have much sunshine in it. I think I will take another photo when it’s a sunny day as I have gone to the bother of drawing the scene.

I am enjoying thinking that I am painting sunshine. It has been particularly nice when it’s grey and miserable outside. And it’s fun to think maybe I could sometime make someone squint at a painting as its so bright.

Its strange feeling motivated again

I am a little sad that Basilicata is going to stay orange and not go back to yellow like a lot of Italy. It’s not so surprising. Every day there are more positives in Pisticci and locally. It just means that normalish life won’t resume soon.

Better just hope I keep motivated.

The nicest thing is that the weather is to get considerably better starting tomorrow and at least I can invite people for coffee outside. Cafes and bars can only do carryouts.

It also means I don’t have to acknowledge that ” normal” life might not be very different from what I have right now.

However it has been a very satisfactory day’s work. I am not quite finished ,but another hour tomorrow should do it. Then I need to chose what to do next week or better still go out and find some more sunny corners of Pisticci.

I keep thinking that it’s Sunday……

Cheers 🍷🍷

Finally finished.
Work in progress…..

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