2021 in Pisticci….painted all day except…..

When I had to do some housework as I had a friend coming round and it was not enough to have Jane, the airfreshener thingy doing her thing. I really needed to clean the cooker, the sink, the floor and hoover and dust. And as I had a big tear in my jeans It was also necessary to patch them.

I started painting before 8am and worked until about 3.30pm. Its quite a complicated scene and I probably need to simplify it. I should finish it tomorrow.

I am pleased with the patch on my jeans. I could have used the inside of my pocket, but as I was tired after all my cleaning and it would have meant taking off my jeans and finding something else to wear while I sewed, I convinced myself that a piece of nice stretchy flowery material doubled would do perfectly well.

I managed quite well sewing the patch on while still wearing the jeans

I had a lovely time with my friend and now I am hungry and tired ,but with a nice warm friendly feeling and a clean house.

Cheers 🍷🍷

Work in progress
Nice new patch . Jane is in the background looking on with the occasional squeak.

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