2021 in Pisticci… I tried to clean the windows…

I think that is how you would describe using quite a lot of bits of kitchen roll and window cleaner, scrubbing quite hard and doing both inside and out and then looking at the result and thinking that they looked better before I started . Now all the bits I couldn’t reach look worse than before.

Am not sure if it is a good thing that I don’t really care. It was always like that. I have tried all sorts of methods. If I remember right , scrunched up newspaper worked best.

I was only doing it because I am waiting for someone to arrive and am bored. Have just noticed that they might not be coming after all as they were to confirm.

Today I finished my next sunshine painting and tidied up and signed all the others.

I went out and did shopping/ weightlifting and today I heard someone telling another person to stand further back as we didn’t want to be a red zone. (.There are 12 more cases of the virus in Pisticci today.) I didn’t know , but even though Basilicata is an orange zone there are several towns in the region which have been made red zones.

Roll on vaccination day.

It has been a lovely sunny day. Cold inside and warm outside.

I was glad to finish off all this week’s paintings and while I was on my way to the supermarket I took another photo of a scene I had already drawn ,but this time with more sun and shadows.

Now I am still waiting ,but think I will have a glass of wine anyways. The stove is lit and maybe no one will arrive and see my smeary windows.

Cheers 🍷. 🍷

My little house looking good in the afternoon sun.
Finished version of latest painting.
Strange bug!!


  1. Hallo Anne! I think I created an account at last, so I can write to you in your blogg!
    Please, IF you can read this, tell me! 😀

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