2021 in Pisticci ….worked all day…..

It’s  very nice to sit down having worked all day and then been paid.

Particularly special today because I started by making the stretched canvas . I could have used a bit of canvas board but none of the small pieces I had were the right size and from experience  if the canvas is not proportionately  the same as the photo it just doesn’t  work well.

I had gone to bed last night and didn’t  see the message about the commission till this morning. It was for today. I had till 5pm to do it if I could.

Not liking to turn down a challenge  I begun at 9am this morning and finished around 4pm with a half hour break for lunch.

I expect if you have a proper job then most days are like that , but it was a change for me.

It’s  been collected and paid for now so very satisfactory.

It definitely helps listening to an audiobook while painting.

Tomorrow I’ll need to get on with my four faces and eight hands.

It seems there were no more positive cases in Pisticci today.

I also painted the edge of my rug today while I was waiting for my client to arrive. It’s an old rug which unlike all the rest of my rugs can’t be put in the washing machine. The end where the fringe is was looking pretty awful and even using bleach just left it grey. So today I remembered one Christmas when me and the children spent half an hour before guests arrived colouring in the faded bits of the carpet in front of the fire. It looked much better when we had finished.

And I have fabric paints.

So now the carpet looks like it has a dark red border instead of dirty grey. Sorted!!!

Wine time. Hurray!! 🍷🍷

Was only outside briefly today but looks lovely.
Spent all day working on this. Someone else’s photo but with adjustments.

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