2021 in Pisticci…portrait painting day….

Most of today was spent working on my new commission which includes 4 people. It is going ok so far. And I am dotting back and forward between faces and hands and even arms. I think I learned long ago that doing things in some sort of order is not necessarily a good idea. So the current status is 2 faces nearly done and 2 partly done , 2 arms partly done, one hand begun….etc etc.

As I woke up at 4.30am which is too early to get up I amused myself by looking at rolls of canvas for sale on Amazon and then saw the same one I bought the last time . It seemed a good idea to get another. So one should be on its way soon.

I also printed out a photo for someone. I am still very impressed that my printer works with WiFi.

Finally got up at 6am and wrote for an hour and a half before having breakfast outside in the sunshine. My flowers are so beautiful right now. I love the way the roses are growing through the lavender.

I was busy painting one of the faces when the phone rang and it was someone wanting to buy a big piece of canvas.( wasn’t that a coincidence!)

I cut the required size and delivered it to the piazza.

By then it was lunch time.

I needed a little rest after lunch, but by 2pm I was back at work and only stopped around 5pm.

After watering my flowers I headed off to the doctors to get a prescription . After waiting outside for about 40 minutes and chatting to a neighbour an old friend came out and while talking she said that I could just sent a WhatsApp to the doc and get her to leave my prescriptions at the farmacia.

There didn’t seem much point in waiting around any longer.(8 people in front of me.)

I have sent the message and will see what happens.

I’m happy to be home again.

Cheers 🍷🍷

Light over the valley tonight. May is so green here.
My Street tonight.
Lavender and roses

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