2021 in Pisticci…..mostly Dominic Cummings…..

I just couldn’t stop watching once I started. It sounded real to me and he is very easy to listen to. His descriptions of what happened at the beginning of the pandemic when no one knew what to do was like listening to a tragedy unfold while the people in charge ran around like headless chickens.

To get it wrong the first time is bad but understandable ,but not the second time.

What was most compelling was that most of this was known (.and worse) ,but no one had just come out and said. For whatever reason.

Funnily enough I found his answer to driving to Barnard Castle to test his eyesight quite believable. People do dumb things . Especially if they’ve been really ill. Presumably his wife was there to grab the wheel if he was in trouble.

If he was lying about everything then maybe he should get into a new acting career.

Finally, he repeatedly apologised and said he had been wrong. Maybe that was a strategy…..and I feel sad that things are so bad that now I question everything. But I found him believable.

Today’s Van Gogh was painted to the accompaniment of Dominic Cummings. I did wonder if it would affect the painting, but it has turned out okay. However I am now bored with painting someone else’s paintings.

I think I am a bit anxious about going to get my first vaccine injection tomorrow. It’s not the injection itself… but finding the right place, understanding what’s being said and having the right documents. I think I know and have everything , but I guess it’s a big deal really.

Am sitting outside tonight with Stone James. It’s windy as usual and not very warm, but I thought I needed some fresh air as I have been inside all day.

I needed a glass of wine after today. It felt as if I was witnessing history being made

Cheers 🍷🍷

More me than van gogh I think.. . The colours are more subtle in real life.

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