2021 in Pisticci  ….wolves and wild boars

Am getting a bit bored with myself so when I was checking out Matera News online I saw there was an article about the problem with wild boars and wolves which have been increasing in numbers and have now been seen foraging in towns here as well as annoying farmers.

I would not want to meet either in my street as wild boars are quite big and can be nasty and a hungry wolf would be a little scary. ( a lot scary!!)

It does make me feel like I am definitely living in a foreign country though.

There have been lots of photos of big families of wild boars trotting through empty streets in this last year and a friend told me she had seen wolves near her property. 

So far I have not heard of anyone being attacked by any of them. But apparently  they have been hit by cars.

So nothing much happened today. I found a tubular stretchy bandage for my clicky knee and found that I could stand and lie down ,but sitting was not so good. I feel ridiculous. 

I am not feeling queasy any more so if I hadn’t somehow managed to hurt my back I would be back to normal by now.

Have no patience. 

Because it has been difficult to work I have been looking at news on twitter more…..and none of it is good. For a while it was okay, but not today.

I did make myself work on the sunflower, but I think I am in a mood with myself and last week maybe I would have thought it was okay whereas today I can see how if I had the patience and energy it could be better.

Am still enjoying making my painting plus diary.

As it’s been about 36C today that might have added to my minor woes.

Now it’s wine time and am not sure if I should risk sitting down but strolling about holding a glass of wine is not the same.

However after a glass of wine I expect everything will seem much better.

Cheers 🍷🍷

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