2021 in Pisticci…the fire!

Be careful for what you wish for…….. I remember writing yesterday that I was bored with myself………

So around 8pm last night I went out for a last look round for the night and immediately I came out the door I heard the noise of burning. I rushed to the end of the road and I could see flames up near the little church. Rushing inside I grabbed my phone and then locking the door behind me hurried up to the church.

The fire was well started and right up at the church fence. There was nobody around except a lady I had passed sitting outside her door. I rushed back to her pointing and saying ,”fuoco!”. She hurried up to look and then thankfully at this point my neighbour arrived and using my phone we called the fire brigade.

By now people had started to notice and somebody close by had a hose which they turned on and sprayed water in the general direction of the fire.

At first it looked like the fire was heading away from us and out towards the valley.

Then the wind changed and it started to creep towards the town….and the end of my street.

At this point I decided I had better do something. I rushed back round to my house and started filling watering cans and then throwing the water on all the dry grass on my side of the fence.

What I was really worried about was the big bush which was covering part of the roof of the old building next door to my house. If that went on fire it would burn right over the roof .

As I was rather futilely throwing as much water as I could over as much dry grass as I could reach my neighbour came out and shouted to me to get my organic bin . She started filling it up with a hose from her house and then I ran down the road emptied it and by then she had filled another one. By this time the fire had reached the bush and it was starting to burn.

We made a great team and carried on until her partner arrived with a long hose which he quickly fitted on and then started spraying through the fence . The fire was now at the end of my street and the bush was well alight.

What I didn’t know was that my upstairs neighbour had been spraying the roof and bush until the the police told him to move back.

However the hose had some effect and the fire didn’t come any further. Someone else by now had pulled the hose through the fence and was part way down the hill keeping it back.

Now the fire brigade arrived.

By then it was almost over.

I had quite forgotten my bad back and dicky knee and enjoyed in a scary way working together to contain the fire with the others.

It was the most exercise I’ve had in days.

Up by the church at the beginnjng
The building next to me with the half burned bush
The burnt ground. ( photo by Royane)

Today has been quite quiet so far…..

Now I am off out for paracetamols for my back , which is a little better despite everything and then meeting a friend for a glass of wine.

Cheers 🍷🍷

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