2021 in Pisticci….the very busy sociable day…..

Am lying on my bed writing this as my poor back has had enough today. It is much better ,but enough is enough.

It all began this morning with a little standing painting. And then I got a call to go uptown and to the comune in regard to the next project I am involved in. On the way I made an appointment to get my eyes tested. (taken me about 6 months to get round to doing this.)

Looks like next project could be starting soon.

It was very , very hot.

After a short visit in the comune it was time to meet friends from the North of Italy whom I got to know when James was in hospital near Parma. It was lovely to meet them. It felt almost like meeting family. I doubt that they knew how much I appreciated them dropping by. .

When I walked back home after they left it was about 2pm and it was so hot it was almost painful. I had bought a fan earlier but it was just swishing hot air about. I was glad to get inside.

Around 4pm.I got an invite for wine and bruschetta upstairs and didn’t return until about 7.30 , during which there was thunder, strong winds and hailstones.

Then I discovered my net curtain had been blown half off my door and was wrapped round my Wifi thingy .

Got my ladder out but it wasn’t long enough, however between two kindly neighbours and a long stick it got disentangled and my WiFi still works. There’s a big hole in the curtain but I can fix that easily and have now nailed it back up.

Am exhausted.

What a lovely day.

Might just have one last glass of wine. Cheers 🍷

The latest painting done while standing up.
Me, looking , I think quite glamorous outside the Chiesa Madre. I was with a friend who looked equally good but don’t have her permission to include her.

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