2021 in Pisticci….where do I start……

Today I read that in a local town there have been cases of the delta and gamma variant. The response has been to immediately set up vaccination stations so that everyone in the town can be vaccinated by the end of the month. That is I think at least 10 thousand people. It is a tourist destination and they are fighting back. I hope they get it done. It is in my opinion something positive. 

Because I am very aware of what is happening in the UK  I was getting a little resigned to something similar happening here……but maybe it won’t. 

However every day I am more happy about buying  new masks.

On facebook I shared an article written in the Independent  saying that the UK is now becoming not just a danger to itself ,but also to the whole world. I only rarely do that , preferring to use FB as an advertising tool and staying out of controversial stuff. Sometimes I wonder what I would be feeling and doing if I still lived there. Maybe looking in makes it easier to see. I don’t  know. 

Mostly I am trying to live my little life here as well as possible .There are lots of good things ,but what can I do?

I can wear a mask and get vaccinated and thereby protect my neighbours and myself. It doesn’t  seem very much.

There is a storm coming.  There are warnings of strong winds, hailstones, thunder, heavy rain etc. Possibly overnight and tomorrow. Luckily I bought wine yesterday. 

My back is very slowly feeling better . I am doing a little bit yoga , some stomach exercises  and have found a comfortable way to be able to slouch in my armchair.  I have missed slouching so much.

Today I had a lovely long conversation  with my neighbour, went shopping, got myself an EU DIGITAL COVID CERTIFICATE, and painted a small painting of an old house in my project to use up odd canvases. Doesn’t sound very soul searching art, but it should help to pay the water bill which is apparently going to be delivered soon. That is the water bill for the last 3 or so years.

Is only 15x15cms.

I also fixed the pepperoncini from yesterday.

Yesterday and today.

I almost always look at Facebook memories and today I saw these paintings.

I did a whole series of these and I still love them …but sold very few.
On the other hand I painted at least 5 versions of this and sold them all.

Wine time now. The wind is getting stronger outside and I’ve adjusted my chairs so that they shouldn’t blow up or down the street.

Cheers 🍷🍷

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