2021 in Pisticci…the feste is on..

I read today that after much discussion  the big feste in August will be held in Pisticci  again . That is both great …. it is the main event of the whole year here. It’s something to look forward to . There will be free entertainment. ……and awful….. as there’s no way despite everyone ‘s best intentions that people won’t be close and crowded. Or maybe I am wrong. I hope so.

And the second thing I read today was that there are now 6 cases of the delta variant in Basilicata. 2 of them were asymptomatic  so I  suspect there could be more.

It seems that 4 regions of Italy may be going back to yellow zones.

Oh dear!!!!

The third thing I read today was that there may be storms at the weekend and next week the temperature is likely to be around 30C. That would be much more comfortable. 

This morning I was busy.

By 9am I had put together  another stretcher, painted an oleander on to a painting  so that it looked more balanced, added a wire to hang it, taken it up to the bar where I can display  a painting,  bought potatoes  and carrots, discussed a commission  in the fruit shop and brought the previously  hung painting back home.

And fed 3 cats.

It’s  nice to be popular.
I quite like painting oleanders.

Quite a while later I found 2 more long thin canvases made from off cuts and decided to paint pepperoncini.  This took nearly all afternoon, but was quite good fun.

Needs a little more work.

Watching what is happening  in the UK  right now with the johnson/delta variant doesn’t fill me with confidence  for summer here.  Hopefully it won’t  be as bad. I am very happy that I bought my new masks. And I will be wearing them if there is anyone around.

A man from the WHO said something  along the lines of now that the richer countries are getting people vaccinated they are relaxing a bit and thinking that the virus is not so much their problem any more , but this is so wrong  as until the whole world is vaccinated no one is safe. He seemed to imply that the world has plenty of resources to make and get the vaccines everywhere, but what is stopping this happening is greed.

I was tempted to write a post entitled ” If I ruled the world……

On a lighter note I saw on twitter that there is a petition for the UK to declare war on New Zealand …..and then immediately surrender, so that Jacinda Ardern would be put in charge of the UK as the victor…..and then she would get things sorted out.

It must be wine time by now. A day at a time is the only way to live…with a mask 😷😀


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