2021 in Pisticci…..oh dear the internet is off

Maybe it’s the not quite storm that has caused it to stop. Who knows! I’ve just turned the electricity off and on so maybe that will help.

I was actually looking forward to a bit of a storm. It has been very, very hot . But there has been some rain and thunder in the distance and now it looks okay, though it is cooler.

It’s funny that today my sister messaged me from Scotland to say it was 28C . That is so hot for Scotland.

It’s probably around 28C here and I think that it’s cool.

I probably should have gone out this morning, but I didn’t.

Spent most of the morning finishing paintings by painting the sides, signing them and making minor adjustments. Next week someone is coming to look at them , but it’s good to have a lot of finished stock.

I was looking at the couple sketches I did again and maybe I should do some more.

They are fun. And they are not bad likenesses even though small. I think I drew them with a pencil, then drew over with a pen and finally used acrylics for colour. They are on watercolour paper.

I fixed this older painting today by adding highlights and some poppies ,because an artist friend said that if you added red to a painting it would sell. We’ll see.

As its Saturday I might try and make tonight special. ( the WiFi is back on. )


Apologies if there are any mistakes in this tonight….I can’t look back over this. Don’t know why. 😬🤔

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