2021 in Pisticci….quiet Sunday….

And so far that includes storms….though as I write this there was some rather loud thunder.

I am sort of perched on two cushions on my armchair with my knees bent and my feet on the front of the seat. I don’t know how it works , but I can stand up comfortably from this position. I can also do 2 salutes to the sun where I can not just touch my toes but put my hands flat on the floor. Obviously I don’t understand anatomy.

I made myself go for a walk today to the supermarket. I reckon if I don’t buy anything that I wouldn’t normally buy then I won’t be spending more….and I won’t have to carry a heavy rucksack. I think that’s logical. And I enjoy the social interaction. I can get by on a little.

I didn’t do very much today. Read a little. Watched a YouTube video on “painting loosely” then tried it.

I think I cheated…..

I have 2 more small canvas boards to experiment twice more

I’ve ordered a big canvas roll as have a new commission which will involve me making my biggest stretched canvas so far. Hopefully I will be fit again by the time it arrives.

No more thunder. Aha! Spoke too soon.

About an hour ago.

And finally on facebook memories I found this and I need to get back to drawing people.

Sold this to daughter of one of the old guys on the bench.

Am glad it’s wine time now. Am tired. Been a long week .


More thunder..🌩🌩

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