2021 in Pisticci….my sawing arm still works….

Unlike my knees and lower back. However I decided to try using up the left over wood to make a new stretched canvas.

My knees don’t  actually hurt, I just don’t  like the clicking noise and am afraid that my legs will sort of disengage at the knee. I am quite good at finding things to be scared of.

I found that if I sat on the floor and more or less did the splits then I could  comfortably  saw away.

This is only the second time I have drawn in my summer diary.

I made a 50×35 cm stretcher using up off cuts and then found a piece of canvas to fit. It is the neatest I have ever  stapled a canvas. Finally I seem to have got the hang of corners. Even managed to have the staples in a line instead of erratically  plonked wherever necessary.

As I was waiting for someone from Rome to pick up a painting I worked at fixing yesterday’s painting and another one.

Last night I delivered a painting 120×100 to the piazza . That was fun! Especially going up the steps and between people waiting for Pizza. I am missing it . It took up a lot of space and was of old friends.

This morning I took coffee up to the little church and while there had another conversation. After this last year and a half talking to people still feels like a luxury.

Yesterday I was sitting up by the arches.

Now I’m waiting for someone else. Possible commission.

In the meantime I might have a glass of wine.


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