2021 in Pisticci… out for a photo walk…

It was another beautiful  morning and it popped into my mind that I could pour  coffee into a flask and drink it up the hill somewhere. And I needed reference photos.

Instead of coming up with the usual excuses….too tired…..too hot…..too much effort….. I poured the coffee in the flask , stuck it in my rucksack  and set off.

What a lovely morning.  I saw the sheep and its  lamb. It’s getting big.

Then I saw that there  must have been a fire up by the castle.

By now I was thinking of coffee and knew there was a bench under the brick arches.

View from the bench under the arches.
Towards the town and chiesa madre. 

It was a good feeling sitting there looking out over the town and countryside and at around 7am, not too hot.

It seemed like a good idea to make a round trip so I headed towards the church and on the way met the lovely bin lady. We had a nice long conversation about bad backs and other stuff.

In Terrevecchia.

I thought I’d make a little detour in Dirupo and go home a different way.

Might paint this.

And finally…..

Fantastic shadows.

It was fun and I felt good.

Later I chose several photos to use for painting. And as I had another off cut canvases board I more or less finished another small painting.

Am not sure I like it but it will do.

And now I’m waiting to meet someone and say goodbye to a very big painting. I hope it will fit in the car.

Might need to postpone wine time.

But , cheers anyways, 🍷🍷

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