2021 in Pisticci….yeek!! A great big mothy thing just flew too close…..

I thought that as there was a nice breeze and I am able to sit down, though not on my doorstep, that I would write outside tonight. .

I was all set up with bottle of water and wine glass carefully hidden behind the flowerpot (incase it’s not ladylike to drink red wine at 5pm) when an enormous ” thing” came to see what I was doing. It was about 2 or 3 inches wide and very flappy. I am scared of flapping things.

Luckily it flew over my shoulder and seems to have gone.

Lovely breeze/ free air conditioning

Today I was very kind to myself and have ordered 2 pairs of glasses. I haven’t changed my glasses for about 4 years. The last time I got my eyes tested I should have changed them, but thought I would do it later. Then I tried getting a pair of reading glasses online but I have quite a complicated prescription and the pair that arrived made everything lean to the left. They were very pretty frames, but not a lot of use to see with.

I am quite excited .It feels the same as when I lived in my little artist’s house and felt I was just like everyone else and living in a “proper” house.. I wasn’t really , but it was the closest I ever got to it.

Now , whenever they arrive , and it is nearly August, so it might not be till September, I ‘ll have up to date proper glasses. Cool.! 🤓

In the spirit of being good to myself I also bought a watch. The most expensive one I’ve bought in years. Cost me a whole €5.50. Last years was €3.

I love the colour

Last year’s one was metallic and gave me a horrible rash so I carried it in my pocket. It finally stopped working this week.

Today I have mainly been working on my next commission which is a house sign . Following that I have to make the biggest stretcher I will have ever made and then paint a lot of tulips among other things. This afternoon I downloaded photos of Tulips and even drew some in my summer diary.

I think my back is definitely improving ,thank goodness, and today I felt so much better, fitter and energetic. I might even have a go at making the big stretcher tomorrow

It’s been a long week ,but most days I’ve painted something and I found a new art book which looks as if it might be just what I need.

Should be happily painting the house sign at the weekend. A pleasant sort of job.

Cheers 🍷🍷

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