2021 in Pisticci….been working all day.. .

Even though it’s a Saturday, but as I am trying to keep off my phone and kindle to give my eyes a rest and it’s too hot to go out for most of the day, it seemed like the best option. And whenever I have a commission then I like to get on with it.

It was quite pleasant really. I sat at the table as I was painting on a terracotta plaque. It was to be a house sign . I listened to another Jack MacEvoy audio book. Bosch was annoying me so much. He kept getting people killed. And was in my opinion a ” right prat”. This guy is slightly better. Books by Michael Connelly are good as company to paint by in general. It seems to me that almost all fictional detectives are not very “nice” except for Lewis when he was Morse’s sidekick . Then when he got his own series he turned into a grumpy git. Am curious why ” nice” seems not to be popular .

However the day started well sitting outside reading a book by Ian Roberts called “Creative Authenticity”. It was well worth buying. ( now that I have reconstrued art books as work tools I can buy them.)

What a treat it has been this year reading David Hockney, Patti Smith and now this guy. I have been watching his videos on composition on YouTube and he mentioned he had written a couple of books. Right now I think I am more in need of an attitude change than how to mix colours and this book is encouraging.

Was just thinking that when this pandemic began that I planned to use the time to learn stuff as if I was on a course. I didn’t expect it to last as long though.

It’s a little encouraging in Italy as the message from the top is very straightforward. I think the green pass is a great idea to keep nearly normal life going. I can see locally how difficult it has been for businesses and they don’t deserve to be shut down again.

The more I read about the virus and the damage it can do the happier I am to avoid it. I assume ( though obviously no one will know for 20 years ) that any effects of the vaccine will not be as bad as the actual virus.

Am glad to be nearly finished for today though I have another coat of varnish to put on the sign

Cheers 🍷🍷

Very rough sketch of calanche
Painting from last year. I don’t think I could improve on this.

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