2021 in Pisticci…..very hot today…42C

I went outside earlier, briefly, and although it was 4.30pm there was a hot wind blowing. It was the hottest it has been so far.  That is normal though for this time of year.I am glad the beach exhibition was last night as it was merely hot then.

I enjoyed it very much. Met some old friends and some interesting new people, not counting puppies, kittens and geese.

Could not have been nearer the beach.

After my socially anorexic  year and a half it was like a feast. 

My newly decorated shoes looked great and are still okay.

Wearing a dress to go to supermarket

Today I made myself get started on my new big commission and have completely  covered the canvas.

Hope I know what I am doing.

I need to remember to paint the sky first for practical reasons. Drips!

There is another exhibition in about 2 weeks and I had a vague idea what I might like to paint.

The book I am reading is very helpful and it helped me decide . This afternoon I sat down and started doing small rough sketches and now I have a plan. I think I had better not show the plans as it might be a voting affair again. However as my plan involves putting me in the painting am not sure how that will work out. Maybe I could make myself temporarily blonde.( it’s a back view.) But I have gone so far as to buy an image from shutterstock so I think I am committed.

I am enjoying Facebook memories and found these 2 paintings I did years . I liked them then and I still do.

Now it’s wine time and although there is free entertainment tonight I’m too tired after 2 late nights in a row to go out. When I walked home through the piazza last night at 11.30pm there were crowds of people eating and hanging out. I need to pace myself as there are things on at the weekend I would like to go to.

Wine and youtube now. Cheers 🍷🍷

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