2021 in Pisticci….40C in Corso Margherita

And finally I have spelled that correctly. I have been calling it the corsa margarita for ages, without ever bothering to check. So it’s by way of apology that it’s in the title.

I was always mixed up with corso ( which must mean street) and corsa ( which means course.) With any luck I will remember this for the next time and not be telling people I am going on the street, when I mean on a course.

Tonight is the exhibition in Metaponto with 15 local artists. It begins at 9pm ( theoretically) but I am being picked up at 6.30pm. Every day this week I have changed something in this painting and I am still not entirely happy with it. I put the hangers on it this morning and then adjusted the sand ……again.


Next I should have been starting my new very big commission, but it was too scary .

So I painted little white flowers on my sandals and that was very satisfactory. They are men’s sandals and I thought I would like them to look a bit more feminine. I feel a bit embarrassed that it looks like my feet are so big I can only wear men’s shoes.

Not so manly now.

The heat was quite useful as I stuck them out in the street to dry between coats of paint. I used acrylic paint for fabric which I bought on a whim for €2 in the chinese shop a few months ago.

I don’t know if it will last ,but maybe it will.

After that I made a tentative start on the big canvas. Tomorrow I am sure it will be better. Not much choice. As the temperature will be around 40C until after the weekend I should be able to concentrate on it

Now am nearly ready to go. Maybe there will be a breeze at the beach.

I found this painting on facebook memories. It was from Sasso di Castaldo where I spent my 60th birthday and discovered I was not old.

It’s a lovely village.

Not sure when I might be having a glass of wine tonight, but cheers anyways🍷🍷

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